Saturday, 24 July 2010

Online Shopping

As we all know, internet plays the major means of communication nowadays. We often interact with each other via internet either by facebook-ing, skype-ing or even blogging rather than meeting up or calling by the phones for the sake of communication. There are various reasons why people would prefer to communicate by using internet. If I were to list down all the reasons, I might be ending up publishing a book entitled "Ada Apa Dengan Internet?

Basically I am writing this entry because I wanna share with you about an issue which I assume that some of you had encountered it before. ONLINE SHOPPING! Even though I am not an experienced buyer, but there are few situations that really grabbed my attention recently. I am sharing this so that it would not happen to anyone else in the future especially for those who have just started to indulge themselves in online shopping.

Things to be considered before you shop:

1.  The acknowledgement of SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia)
  • Most of the dealers who sell their products online do not bother about the acknowledgement of SSM. *click here*
  • As a dealer, it is important for you to have a proof of your company's existence to establish trust among the buyers.
  • SSM secures our rights as "Pengguna" at the same time to maintain positive growth in business sector in Malaysia.

2.  The Products
  • Some of the famous products sold via online shopping are clothes, accessories, make-ups, fragrances, handbags, shoes and many more.
  • Look at the product description first before you wanna purchase it. 
  • If the dealers claim that their products are authentic but the prices shown are much more cheaper than the original ones in the boutique, please think twice before you buy it. The price must be reasonable equal to the originality, right? For example, if a COACH handbag will cost you about $298 (RM900+) in its boutique, the price offered by the dealers here must not be as cheaper as RM200, right? It does not make sense. But if the price offered is around RM700 to RM800, then it is worth to purchase.
  • If you want a replica (A, AA, AAA grades) of the original products, bear in mind that the materials will NEVER be the same as the original ones. There might be flaws and that's the reason why the price is much much and much more cheaper.
  • It is advisable for the dealers who sell replica products to upload the actual products that they sell and don't simply copy paste the original pictures from the boutiques.
  • Take a look at the pictures below:

This picture was taken from the dealer's website.

The dealer wrote in her caption that this is a Grade AA DKNY perfume, 100ml and RM40 only.

But this is what I got this afternoon...

This is not even 50ml and can you see the bottle? The dealer claimed that the bottle and packaging are 100% original but hmmm...

The space in between really shows how fake the bottle is. So, dealers please don't lie to your buyers that the bottle and packaging are 100% original eventhough it is a replica Grade AA perfume. Maybe you can lie about the scent but how about the amount in a bottle?

Here is the comparison between the Original and the Grade AA of DKNY perfume.

Look at the colour of both perfumes. Grade AA (100ml) and Original (50ml).

*ATTENTION!*. Tolong jangan guna perfume jika ia berkeladak seperti di atas. Ia mungkin menyebabkan kesan sampingan jika terkena atas kulit kita.

Tips on how to identify an original perfume *click here*

3.  The Availability of the Product
  • Please make sure that the products that you wanna purchase are in stock (ready stock), so that you do not have to wait weeks by weeks for the items (pre-order) to be sent to you. 

4.  The Services Offered
  • Do ensure that the services given by the dealers are satisfactory. Dealers must bear in mind that promises are not meant to be broken. It is crucial in order to maintain good relationship between the dealers and the buyers.

Things which are not suitable for online shopping:

1.  Perfumes
  • If it is not properly wrapped before posting it to the buyers, it might affect the scent of the perfumes. The heat factor needs to be taken into consideration too. Besides, the bottle might be cracked because it is fragile. This is what happened in my case:

There is a crack at the edge of the bottle.

2.  Shoes
  • Eventhough the size and measurement are given, but the comfort of wearing it can not be felt by just seeing the pictures.

3.  Lingeries
  • Errrr, no comment.

In conclusion, buy original products for self-satisfaction!

The end. Thank you! =)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Everyone Is A Leader

Who is a LEADER? If you Google on the internet, reading books or browsing through articles or journals, you may found a lot, yes a lot of different definitions of a leader. We might be living in the same place, eating the same food but we might not be sharing the same thoughts. Hence, when it comes to opinions or thoughts, there is no right or wrong. So, what is my definition of a leader?

In my point of view, a leader is someone who holds responsibility to lead someone in order to achieve certain targets in life. I am not a Prime Minister, I do not hold any post in a company, not even a prefect in school but I still consider myself as a leader; A LEADER OF MY OWN. I lead my own thoughts to be developed into actions. This is the process which everyone will deal with. It is clear that everyone can be a leader. But, to be a good leader, we need to generate and maintain positive thoughts in mind first so that we will develop positive actions and behaviours later on. The decision is in our hands. We chose to be who we wanna be. So, leaders : PLEASE THINK BEFORE WE ACT.

Something to ponder upon:

Sehebat mana pun kita sebagai seorang ketua, kita tidak mungkin dapat menandingi kehebatan KETUA SEKELIAN ALAM iaitu ALLAH YANG MAHA ESA. Satu contoh mudah untuk renungan kita bersama; Jika ALLAH kata “Jadi”, maka “Jadilah” sesuatu perkara itu. Tetapi jika MANUSIA kata “Jadi”, MUNGKIN akan “Jadi” atau “Tidak Jadi” sesuatu perkara itu. Semuanya berlaku atas kehendak ALLAH juga.

Positive thought brings healthy behaviour.

The end. Thank you! =)

Friday, 16 July 2010


How many of you will agree with me that the main thing we always have in mind when we spot the word H.E.A.L.T.H are FOOD and EXERCISE? Okay, basically being healthy is not merely about which and how much nutrients that we have taken from the food we ate or the hours of exercises that we spent for. It is more about our self-awareness of how crucial is health for us. If we are not healthy, we will never be happy. So, let's get healthy!

Currently in my neighbourhood, there is a therapy centre which is called as COSMIC HEALTHCARE CENTRE. Why am I writing about this centre in my entry? What is the importance of this centre to everybody out there? The answer is very simple. This therapy is FREE OF CHARGE! =). No worries. This therapy has no chemical or drugs effects on our bodies. How does this therapy functioning? Let's check it out!


Bagaimanakah terapi ini berfungsi?
  • Terapi ini menggunakan rawatan TERAPI MEDAN ELEKTROSTATIK.
  • Ia menggunakan mesin yang dipanggil PRO NATURE di mana mesin ini mengalirkan 9000v arus statik bersamaan 60 getaran sesaat ke dalam badan kita.
  • Getaran yang hebat ini akan menggetarkan segala kotoran yang melekat di dinding salur darah yang menghalang perjalanan darah kita selama ini tanpa kita sedari.
  • Jadi, setelah getaran itu berlaku, lama-kelamaan kotoran tersebut akan terlerai. Maka dengan itu, saluran darah kita tidak lagi tersumbat dan darah boleh berjalan dengan lancar.

Apakah yang menyebabkan saluran darah kita tersumbat? 

Apakah kebaikan terapi ini kepada kita?
  • Ia dapat membersihkan saluran darah
  • Ia juga dapat melaraskan sistem saraf yang tidak terkawal
  • Ia dapat meningkatkan daya ketahanan badan

Persoalannya sekarang, ke mana kotoran itu pergi? Jawapannya: Ia keluar melalui PELUH, AIR KENCING dan NAJIS. Tiada kesan sampingan. Jadi, jangan takut. JOM PERGI TERAPI YANG PERCUMA INI!

So, before I end this entry, I would like to share certain tips on how to be healthy in the easiest way:
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Drink plenty of plain water
  • Avoid stress! SMILE =)

Be happy, be healthy!

The end. Thank you! =)

Money Can Buy Happiness

This topic might lead to disagreement to those who believe that money CAN NOT buy happiness. But not to worry because I am writing this entry just to share my own thoughts and opinions about the correlation between money and happiness and not to condemn anyone who has different views as mine.

Money and Happiness are two different yet vital elements in our lives. If you were given a chance to choose either Money or Happiness, what will be your choice? As for me, I would choose Money over Happiness. It sounds materialistic, right? But let me share with you the reasons behind my choice = M.O.N.E.Y.

Money is an essential life tool nowadays. We need money everywhere we go. We need money for petrol to run the car or for public transportation; paying the tolls (especially in KL); buying groceries for daily purposes; and even 20 cents for public toilet! This is not to mention the need of money to fulfill our basic needs such as food, clothes, bills etc. We have to pay for everything we need. This phenomenon is happening everywhere (but not to everyone I suppose) and we have to face it whether we like it or not in order to survive. To be frank, I can not be happy without money but what I would like to share here is that of course happiness is crucial but money is one of the key factors that will lead to happiness. We just have to clarify the amount of money that we need in order to survive in our daily lives.

I was a spendthrift before. I did not know how to control my money wisely. For instance, there was once during my study time when I have had shortened of pocket money for that particular week as the money given by my dad was spent for shopping. I was afraid to ask for my dad's money again as he had given me such an amount a week before. I was unhappy and stressed out. I had to control my meals (even though I was not on diet) so that I could survive for another two weeks at least for the next pocket money. I had misused the money given to me for unnecessary shopping and I have learned a lot from it. So what did I do to overcome the situation during that time then? I found fasting as the best solution to overcome my hunger.

Now I realize that the amount of money spent can somehow affect my own happiness. But after all, it depends on how well we manage our money and how grateful we are for the rezeki that Allah has given to us. So, let us pray that Allah will grant us with good health and wealth so that we can achieve the level of happiness that we always wanted in our lives.

Tips of the day:
  • Setiap pagi, lakukanlah Solat Dhuha (2 raka’at) dalam pukul 8 pagi hingga 10 pagi. Yang penting sebelum Zohor. Ibu cakap, baca ayat ringkas pun tak apa asalkan buat. Raka’at pertama: Surah Al-Kafirun, Raka’at Kedua: Surah Al-Ikhlas. Masa sujud terakhir, baca “Ya Wahhab” sebanyak 40 kali, lagi bagus 100 kali. Selesai solat, doa kepada Allah minta dilimpahkan rezeki yang HALAL kepada kita. Insya Allah... =)
  • Selepas solat, bagi sesiapa yang tak ada kerja nak buat, bacalah Surah Al-Waqi’ah (1 kali pun sudah kira bagus). =)

Spend our money wisely!

The end. Thank you! =)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Newborn Blog =)

Time flies... It has been almost a year since I last updated my blog. Well, I am not so into writing. I had started blogging during my years of study and to be precise; I HAD TO HAVE A BLOG as it was one of the compulsory tasks in my computer subject those days. But once I have had graduated, my blog had been neglected for over a year! I do not even remember that I have a blog until this very moment. There are times when I feel like jotting down my knowledge and experiences that I have gained throughout my life as I used to talk to people about issues in life but to remember every single words is the hardest as it involves my memory capacity which will be shortened once I grew older. That is when I realize that I can actually keep all the information and moments in my personal blog. I am not an artist, a model, a top host or u name it those glamorous group of people. I am just a person who treasure LOVEHAPPINESS and SUCCESS in life. Feel free to bring in your thoughts into my treasure box.

Okay, I guess this is enough for my first entry. 

The end. Thank you! =)