Thursday, 22 March 2012


I would like to touch on the issue of privacy as I think it is one of the vital parts in one's life. Who doesn't need privacy? Even though we are living with other people in this world, there are things that we can't let others know especially something that we value as personal or sensitive. We need privacy when we feel that everybody is bothering and clinging around us at the wrong time and place. We need privacy when we found that everybody is talking about our personal matters. Other than that, we might also feel that our privacy is intruded if our private stuffs such as personal diary, text messages, or even letters in the PO box are being read by others without us knowing it at the first place. 

It's true that we can have as many friends as we want, we can share as many things as we want and we can go anywhere that we want. Simply said, we can do anything that we want = It's OUR lives. But have we ever thought that we are living on a planet with people around us? It's a simple thought yet it's quite difficult to interpret the meaning behind 'living with others'. When we are alone in this world, we can consider ourselves as having the greater privacy ever. No one will read our personal diary, no one will browse through our phones, no one will read our letters and no one will ever bother about us. But this is not happening in this world where we are living with others. Some of the people out there are not even concern about privacy issue. As for them, nothing is privacy in this world. 

So, what can we do to make sure that we can still have our own little privacy?

There are many reasons for a person to claim that his or her privacy as a serious matter. As for me, I think privacy is something that is controllableIf we think that our personal life is meant to be kept as private:

  • We should limit the amount of disclosure that we are going to share with others.

  • We also need to know who is the person that we can trust to share those private information so that our private life will not be revealed, exposed or even manipulated by others easily. 

  • We need to ensure that the medium of sharing those personal issues is highly trusted for its confidentiality. 

Being selective and secretive gives no harm to those who really want privacy in their lives.

The end. Thank you! =)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cuka & Garam

Tahukah anda bahawa cuka itu adalah sebaik-baik lauk untuk dinikmati? Menurut Ustaz Hanafiah di dalam tazkirahnya, Allah telah memberikan 4 nilai utama pada cuka iaitu:

  1. Cuka ialah sebaik-baik lauk (perencah).
  2. Allah meletakkan keberkatan pada cuka di mana cuka itu akan mendatangkan 2 keuntungan bagi manusia di dunia & akhirat.
  3. Cuka ialah lauk pauk Nabi & Rasul terdahulu.
  4. Tidak akan jatuh miskin bagi rumah yang di dalamnya ada cuka.

" Sesiapa yang menjadikan cuka itu lauk pauk dalam makanannya, Allah akan turunkan Malaikat di kiri dan kanannya bagi mendoakan agar orang itu mendapat keampunan Allah " Imam Baihaki

Jika cuka dikatakan sebagai sebaik-baik lauk, garam pula merupakan penghulu segala lauk. Setiap makanan perlu dicampur sedikit garam. 3 nilai garam yang kita perlu tahu:

  1. Garam ialah senjata kepada makanan (pelengkap). Jika makanan itu kurang zatnya, garam digunakan sebagai pelengkap.
  2. Garam memberikan kebaikan kepada makanan kerana ia memudahkan penghadaman makanan.
  3. Garam boleh dijadikan campuran kepada apa sahaja jenis makanan kerana kadar ph alkali garam adalah di antara 8-14 di mana jika makanan itu boleh mendatangkan kemudaratan, maka garam akan menghilangkan mudaratnya.

Lihatlah betapa tinggi nilai cuka & garam yang tidak kita ketahui. Jadi, lepas ni boleh la letak sedikit cuka dan garam dalam masakan tapi jangan sampai berlebihan. =)

The end. Thank you! =)