Saturday, 17 July 2010

Everyone Is A Leader

Who is a LEADER? If you Google on the internet, reading books or browsing through articles or journals, you may found a lot, yes a lot of different definitions of a leader. We might be living in the same place, eating the same food but we might not be sharing the same thoughts. Hence, when it comes to opinions or thoughts, there is no right or wrong. So, what is my definition of a leader?

In my point of view, a leader is someone who holds responsibility to lead someone in order to achieve certain targets in life. I am not a Prime Minister, I do not hold any post in a company, not even a prefect in school but I still consider myself as a leader; A LEADER OF MY OWN. I lead my own thoughts to be developed into actions. This is the process which everyone will deal with. It is clear that everyone can be a leader. But, to be a good leader, we need to generate and maintain positive thoughts in mind first so that we will develop positive actions and behaviours later on. The decision is in our hands. We chose to be who we wanna be. So, leaders : PLEASE THINK BEFORE WE ACT.

Something to ponder upon:

Sehebat mana pun kita sebagai seorang ketua, kita tidak mungkin dapat menandingi kehebatan KETUA SEKELIAN ALAM iaitu ALLAH YANG MAHA ESA. Satu contoh mudah untuk renungan kita bersama; Jika ALLAH kata “Jadi”, maka “Jadilah” sesuatu perkara itu. Tetapi jika MANUSIA kata “Jadi”, MUNGKIN akan “Jadi” atau “Tidak Jadi” sesuatu perkara itu. Semuanya berlaku atas kehendak ALLAH juga.

Positive thought brings healthy behaviour.

The end. Thank you! =)

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