Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Let's start my entry with Syukur, Alhamdulillah!

Why? Coz I have got the chance to celebrate my 25th birthday this year on the 1st Syawal 1432H. =) I am very happy that Allah had granted me with such a great opportunity to treasure the moments of birthday celebration and Eid Mubarak at one time. 

My family & I had our first Raya at Penang; my mom's hometown. After Zohor prayer, Kak Ili said, "Nana, tahun ni kan macam tahun bajet, orang beraya pun semua berbajet, duit raya pun bajet, so ni hadiah untuk tahun ni". 

Muka bersinar terang bila dapat hadiah secomel ini! *surprised* =)

Thank you so much for the lovely gift! 

Actually I did not expect to receive any gifts from anyone as Allah has given me the best birthday gift ever; to stay alive up until today! Thank you, Allah! =) Later, when we went back to JB, I found this on my bed!

From the handwriting, I guess it is Kak Ili's. So, I quickly opened it!

Another surprise!

ANNA SUI Perfume yang besar punyer! Bajet la sangat...

I love surprises like this! Thanks a lot, Ayah, Ibu, Kak Ili, Wanie & Hakam for everythingLove you guys! Mmmuuaahh! =D

Last year's surprise!

Memang jadi kejutan sampai my Darling Fiance sekarang takut nak bagi hadiahHe tried so hard to please me but I did not appreciate it, I am so sorry... Whatever it is, you will always be the most precious gift ever in my life, sayang! =)

p/s: Waiting for the next surprise! Hehe... 

The end. Thank you! =)

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