Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Welcome 2012 =)

2012 is not only a number,
 2012 is not only a year,
But 2012 is an opportunity, a life opportunity!

When we are talking about new year, there must be lists of resolutions, hopes, wills and etc. Everybody seems so excited to welcome 2012 with the hope that 2012 will bring better experiences than 2011. As for me, regardless any years that I will be going through or went through, every year is considered as special.

In 1986, I was born... 

Being the second child in the family gives me the opportunity to experience the special feeling of having an elder sister & being a sister to a younger sister & a little brother. 

I had successfully graduated back in 2009...

After years of schooling (inclusive of kindergarten, primary, secondary, pre-degree & degree years), I was so proud to be given the opportunity to wear a graduation robe, to hold a scroll of my selected Degree and to experience the special moment of being a graduate at least once in my lifetime.

I was employed in 2009 as well...

This was the day when I first introduced myself to the whole company that I worked for. It was a great opportunity for me as I got the chance to experience working life myself even for a short period of time.

Got engaged in 2010...

It was the day when I started to feel a real commitment in a relationship. Being engaged to a person that I love so much is special.

Being accepted in a Master's Degree course also in 2010...

It was an unexpected opportunity, I suppose but somehow I am thankful to my friend, Imah for her help and also my parents for their financial support and most of all, I am thankful to Allah for this opportunity.

Ended 2011 with a blessed marriage...


My previous years of living were filled with special events and moments which made me think of how meaningful it is to be given a life opportunity from 1986 until this very moment of 2012. I do not even know whether I will be given another life opportunity in 2013 but I do believe that what has been given by Allah now is the most special gifts I have ever had. Thank you, Allah... =)

The end. Thank you! =)


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    1. Thank you, sheena for your time reading my entries . Have a nice day ! =)