Monday, 4 November 2013

A 'Rare' Moment Like This

*wink wink*

Darling Hubby gave me this wiring cover printed with our names last few weeks. This cover is normally printed with codes for technical wiring but when the 'sweetness' feeling struck into my Darling Hubby's, it turned out like this! Thanks a bunch for this 'rare' thoughtful wiring cover, sayang! =)

When we are apart, I can feel that our relationship becomes much more stronger than before. I am truly blessed as Allah has shown me the right way to love and to be loved by someone that I love. The distance does not put us in a suffering situation in fact it brings us into a situation which involves a higher sense of appreciation and tenderness.

We are stronger than we know!

I do value all of the moments of the three of us since it is quite 'rare' for us to have the feeling of togetherness (due to the distance factor). But what I love most is when I see both of my precious being together as this moment of closeness is 'rarely' captured and it shall be treasured for the rest of my life.

Bonding time for Papa & Son

I know from the day Darling Hubby came back home, I should not be wasting our times thinking of unnecessary problems or arguing on little issues as I know that his return is worthy and I will try not to spoil it. It is 'rare' for me to think like this as previously I would always create an argument over silly things with him. Since I 'rarely' see him, the maturity is building up within me and to my surprise, I am now becoming a person with a tolerable level of patience. This might be a common thing to most of the people out there but this is a 'rare' thing to me and what I can say is Alhamdulillah...

As a mother and a wife, there is nothing more meaningful other than seeing your loved ones the first moment you open your eyes and always hoping that they are the ones that you will be seeing before you keep your eyes closed. I will not be questioning on how different my life is as compared to others because I know there's no single individual in this world shares the same journey as mine. BUT... When Darling Hubby gave me this padlock (or should I say a gift instead?), yes I know this padlock is not 'rare'. But to be given a padlock from Darling Hubby all of a sudden is just 'rare' and it creates a huge difference in my life which others might not have!   

A 'rare' padlock of mine

At this stage of life, I am lucky enough to have my unpredictable Darling Hubby and my cheeky Baby MIH in my life. I don't wish for more than I should have. Syukur dengan apa yang ada =)

The end. Thank you! =)

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