Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Two Years Of Pure Love

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary, Darling Hubby! =)

credit to Darling Hubby for this comic script *wink*

Alhamdulillah, we've made it through. Two years passed by and we are more than delighted to have our Little Highness whom beautify and makes our lives more meaningful. No matter how tough the challenges that we've encountered, I am still blessed with Darling Hubby and Cheeky Baby to stay with me throughout the journey. May our love remains till Jannah! 

Well, in every celebration, there is always be plans and preparations. As for me, major celebration is not necessarily needed especially when Darling Hubby is far away (physically). Just to make this event special as it is special though, I am stealing a few minutes of my time writing an entry to share some ideas on A Simple Yet Memorable Anniversary Celebration. Here goes!

  1. If you want it to be fairly celebrated (by both Hubby and Wifey); a day before the anniversary, let's give a hint like this, "Oh, sayang! What do you want for our second year anniversary TOMORROW? Any special request?" --> The brain will automatically and unconsciously set the date! So, on the day itself, both partners will be excitedly to wish one another.
  2. On the special day, for those whose partners are staying together, start your day with conveying a sincere apology for every mistakes done; give a warmth big hug and sealed your love with a kiss!
  3. For working partners, if possible please arrange a lunch or dinner date with your partners at his or her favorite restaurant. To make it more meaningful, ask a favor from the waiter or cashier (without your partner's notice) to wish you a "Happy Anniversary" instead as this will show that you are happy to share the special moments with others. But if you are not confident that the waiter or cashier will deliver your message, please ignore the favor and just enjoy your meals. Haha!
  4. The gift? Don't think of flowers or chocolates anymore. Just spend your time together with your partner doing leisure activities such as watching movies, cooking a simple meal, playing board games or cards and anything that can buy your time wisely. The reason is for you to feel that your partner is not only a partner but your partner is also your friend, your enemy and your soul mate!
  5. Partners with children; please ensure that you put your kids to sleep early so you can have your own sweet time together on your anniversary.
  6. If you still do not know how to celebrate the event, just write a simple note or text message or whatsapp or whatever means of delivering your message --> "To my beloved Hubby / Wifey, Happy Anniversary! I Love You!"
  7. Last but not least, always pray to Allah to bless your partner and hope that your marriage would last forever and ever.

Everything seems so simple but to make it happen is the most challenging part. To some people, celebrating Wedding Anniversary is not a big issue but for me, it is such a vital element in a marriage life because it resembles the day you tied the knot with a person that you love for eternity. When you celebrate the day, you will appreciate your partner even more as both of you have undergone the obstacles and challenges successfully!

Still waiting for Darling Hubby to choose on which of the ideas that he will apply for our 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration! Haha..

The end. Thank you! =)

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