Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Wonderful 18 Months

Happy 18th months, baby!

Syukur Alhamdulillah... I'm a happy Mama as today is Ilyas's 18th months of age. 

Why am I so happy of him being 18 months? 

First of all, I am so thankful that Ilyas can now accept formula milk easily as compared to before. Maybe my milk production is decreasing and Ilyas is in need of more milk supply as he is growing up at a fast pace. Looking at him enjoying the milk makes me feel relief and worry at the same time as the milk is currently OUT OF STOCK

For age 1 year and above

Since Ilyas was at 9 months old, I started giving him goat's formula milk - KARIHOME. I was inclined not to give him formula milk at the first place but since Ilyas did not really favor frozen EBM, he has been losing weight for nearly two months. It was frustrated and I told my parents that I wanted to give him goat's milk, will there be any goat's formula milk for infants? My parents searched for it and they found this product at Jusco Bukit Indah. But this product is rarely seen in the hypermarket and I usually buy it at Sensei outlet. The standard price for 900gm is RM89.70. So, for those who wanna try this, I suggest you to buy the large container as it is more cheaper than the small ones.

Secondly, Ilyas is beginning to articulate more comprehensible words. No more babbling. He can say words like Mama, Papa, Cat, Air, Lapar, Car, Cow, Dalam, Bye, Nenek and a few more correctly. Now he is trying to produce two words at a time and the one that he normally says is Tak Nak. I'm happy when he can utter the words and able to relate the words with the objects. At least I know that he understands the meaning of the words. Now that he is able to talk, he also can follow instructions. Ilyas is a person who will be more motivated when we praise him (it is normal, right?). So, whenever I wanted to teach him a new lesson, I will make sure that praises, hugs and kisses will follow after. Now he can help me to throw the rubbish inside the dustbin, putting back his toys in the container, sorting the laundry, taking his own shoes or my shoes before we go out and other simple instructions; "Ilyas, tolong ambil kan handphone Mama"; "Ilyas, can you please pass the remote to me? There, in front of you"; "Ilyas, tolong panggil kan Pak Cu turun makan. Cakap, "Pak Cu, turun" --> He will go the the stairs and say it out loud "Cuuu! Uuunnn!"

Drilling on Parts of the Body (in Malay language)

Thirdly, Ilyas is very keen to try different taste of food. He loves the spices! And the carrots as well! Whenever he looks at the food on the table, he will definitely want to taste it. Once he tasted it and the taste did not suit his interest, he will not be asking on the food again. So, the best approach to encourage him to eat different food is by sitting down together with him and provide variety of food choices on the table. My Darling Hubby always say that Ilyas will eat more when he combined rice with honey stars; porridge with maruku; bread with coffee and many other combinations that do not look tasteful to my eyes and my throat. But if that's how he enjoys the meals, it will be fine with me.

"Hmmm, I want to try the prawn (even though I will be getting allergic reactions to seafood)"

"Hye, can I order my drinks now? Why you don't even look at me? Hello, I'm here..."

"I want my meals now!"

And one more thing, Ilyas can kick the ball! Papa must be really happy!

Go, Ilyas Go! 

Oh, it's almost 5.30pm and I need to pack my things. It's time to kiss the birthday boy yawww! That's all I can share about my baby boo's development as at 18 months of age. I believe other babies might have the same development as Ilyas and as his mother, I am so happy that my baby is progressing well and Alhamdulillah, I can still breastfeeding him at night without failed regardless how much of the amount produced. Last but not least,

My Dear Ilyas Hidayat,
I might not be able to see you growing up in front of me as often as I can. I might be missing out the first moments when you can utter new words, showing new skills and I truly regret that I can't fully breastfeeding you anymore. But I know Allah knows what is best for both of us. As long as I live, I will make sure that you will not be lacking of my love and attention even though you can now slowly accept the fact that I could not be with you ALL THE TIME. In Sha Allah, one fine day, I will always be with you and I will not leave you even for a second (except for any urgency). Ilyas, I love you so much and no one can replace you in my heart. May Allah showers you with His love and blessings for the rest of your life. Aamiinnn...
Love You Forever, Mama, 11/02/2014, 5.28pm 

The end. Thank you! =)


  1. boleh juga try sufi goat utk susu kambing.susu tu ad juga kurma n madu.aryan juga guna karihome.tp bila cuma sufi goat dia pn ok kd terus kn je ngm sufi goat.