Tuesday, 24 December 2013

From Bandung With Love

I just got back from a week's vacation and I truly enjoyed the time spent with my loved ones (except for Darling Hubby who couldn't be with us during the vacation). It's okay, we can always plan for next year's vacation, right? Moving on, here are some moments to share before, during and after the vacation.

BEFORE the vacation:

  • I did not know that when I am travelling with an infant, I could not do online check-in before I added up my infant's name first at the COUNTER. I did not know why my baby's name was not listed during the check-in as I have already paid for the fees. Previously I did not face any difficulties while flying with my baby domestically and I had no issues about checking-in or printing out the boarding pass online. But this time, it became a big issue for me.
  • The lesson BEFORE: Please check-in only when your infant's name is LISTED IN THE LIST. If not, DO NOT CHECK-IN WITHOUT YOUR INFANT'S NAME. You can proceed to the COUNTER to add in your infant's name. If you've ALREADY CHECKED-IN, you can CALL AIRASIAGO (for those who are travelling with accommodation package) and they will unchecked your name and added up your baby's name. However, you can only check-in at the COUNTER OF YOUR DEPARTURENO ONLINE CHECK-IN FOR TRAVELERS WITH INFANTS (that's the procedure, they said).

It was the first time for me flying with an infant abroad. Of course it was not that easy especially when your baby is already 1 year old and actively exploring the world around him. He does not want to sit still and that is the reason why stroller is not the best companion anymore.

Running Baby + Tiring Mama!

I went to Bandung, Indonesia and it was a wonderful experience being there. We hired a driver called Cecep Okta from a Travel Agency. A driver cum tourist guy is a MUST when you are abroad! We reached Bandung International Airport (Husein Sastranegara) around 12 noon (11 noon in Malaysia = 1 hour difference). We stayed at Arion Swiss Belhotel in the middle of Bandung City. The food was great and the service was excellent! I give you 4 stars, Arion! =)

The interior truly resembles Indonesian style and I love the ambiance there =)

We had our lunch at Warung Misbar and they served us Bandung hot tea for free. The taste was quite similar to Chinese tea. The restaurant also provides a big flat white screen for a movie show. Besides that, the wall is painted with jokes quotes like this:

EDP, of course it is long lasting! Haha!

After lunch, we went to some of the Factory Outlets nearby. In Bandung, people will normally go shopping at Factory Outlets as these outlets sell all of the branded items with high quality at a reasonable price. I did not spend much here but I did spend more than expected at Pasar Baru! So, what do they sell at Pasar Baru?
  1. Clothings (silk, cotton, lace etc.)
  2. Telekung (assorted designs and colours)
  3. Shoes
  4. Shawls and many moreeeee!

Chand Moda at Forth Floor

The best part of the shop here, they served the customers with Coffee, Tea or Juice regardless how many pieces that you bought and how much that you spent (no discrimination among customers). They do tailoring as well and if normal design of baju kurung or dresses, they can get it done in 2 (TWO) days only! My brother got his jeans tailored with his preferred designs and materials at RM70 whilst my father got his pants tailored at RM90 only! If you want to have your own design of coat, you may get it for RM200 only! The price is acceptable if you consider the materials as well.

Of course when you are abroad, you may not want to waste your time staying in the hotel watching tv or sleeping (unless you are unhealthy). Since the weather was rainy during the evening, we tried to go out visiting certain places as early as we can. We managed to visit Tangkuban Parahu (at first we wanted to go to Kawah Putih but the traffic was more hectic than KL).

Tangkuban Parahu

Please take note that if you wish to buy any souvenirs, DO NOT get them here! The price was totally unreasonable! Furthermore, do not touch the souvenirs or talk to the promoters if you do not want to buy them (it will pissed them off). Just smile and say, "Terima Kasih yaa. Saya lagi mau pusing2 dan foto aja di sini". Then quickly took off!

DURING the vacation:
  • Time is your enemy and money is your best friend when you are abroad.
  • The lesson DURING the vacation: Plan your daily trip with your tourist guy a day earlier. Start your day visiting the places which are far away from your hotel. Bring more small notes (as Bandung is popular with visitors giving tips for the services given). If you give them RM notes, they will be very happy even the amount is not that big. But DO NOT SIMPLY GIVE TIPS TO COMMONERS, you will be in trouble! Last but not least, get your mobile with another PREPAID SIM CARD for the ease of communication there (roaming service is expensive yaww!).

Time to fly off!

Enough of my days at Bandung City. Hmmm, I hardly took pictures there so my apologies for not having the pictures of each places that I went to. I also forgot the names of the restaurants where I had my lunch or dinner but what I remember most were the Garomi Bakar and Ayam Penyet! They have these dishes like in every restaurants! I had a really good time there and hope there will be next time for me to be there, of course with Darling Hubby as well =)

AFTER the vacation:

  • Laundry!
  • The lesson AFTER the vacation: Well, of course when you are travelling, laundry will be the most tedious routine of all! Make sure you get your baby's clothes to be washed as soon as possible. But for your own clothes, laundry shop is always open to serve your needs! 

Obviously, you will be restless due to the long journey. As for me, thinking of the next day to start working while I'm still in a mood of holiday was totally demotivated. But to overcome the mood is easy! Just set in your mind that you are lucky to be given the time off from the workload and this is the time when you should give 200% of your best to your respective company!

Be more efficient after the vacation =)

The end. Thank you! =)

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