Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Brotherhood Begins At 3 =)

Happiest birthday to you, Muhammad Ilyas Hidayat! 

Alhamdulillah, you turn 3 today and all the best prayers to you, baby!

Ilyas is the first gift from Allah for me to be declared as a mother. So, Happy Mother's Day to me! Three years of amazing experiences raising him and I am still counting on every single days to watch him grow and how I wish that time won't swiftly pass without him knowing how special, important and valuable he is to me.

At the age of 3, Ilyas has a 1 year old little brother to share his childhood journey with. I am overly concerned with his readiness of not being the only one when his brother was born last year. It took him almost a year to adapt himself with the situation as a big brother and recently he gradually showed the brotherly side of him.

From what I have noticed, he reserves himself from showing too much love and care towards his brother when we give more attention to his brother. But when everyone is watching him, he will act like the most loving brother on earth! Well, he is still the all-time Attention Seeker! After all, he is the first grandchild and nephew from both Darling Hubby's and my side. No wonder he acts those ways, huh? 

Another thing that I realize is the brotherhood bonding that both of Ilyas and Ikmal have is priceless. There were several times that I had to separate them due to unforeseen issues. Even for a day, I can see from both Ikmal's eyes on how he missed his brother's presence. And Ilyas on the other part will be too overwhelmed when he finally met his brother at the end of the day. The smile on his face reflects his true feeling and I can feel how deep is his love towards his brother.

Together they fought, they laughed, they cried and all those moments has created a stronger bonding in their relationship.

I have this thought of loving quotient which I always share with Darling Hubby:

"Regardless how many kids that I have (will have), each of them deserves to be loved in every single ways. As a mother, nothing can replace my love towards my kids and how I show my love is determined by myself and not others. Each of my babies gives different experiences and challenges to me thus the way I express my love will not be the same to all of them. I believe in my instinct as a mother. This instinct is granted by Allah the Creator and whenever I feel like in doubt of my actions towards my kids, I will talk to myself and seek for Allah's guidance in showing me the right ways to love them".

I am blessed with two little angels at the moment and hoping for more angels to come but not that soon, haha! Need to buy bigger bed so that all of us can fit together in one bed sharing our own sweet dreams.

Waiting for the end month to celebrate his birthday with Darling Hubby by our side! Weehuuu!!

The end. Thank you! =)

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