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2014 In Memory

My life has changed in a very own special way years by years. It is now January 2015 and I am delighted that 2014 has its joyful remarks in my lifeThis entry recaps some of my experiences as a mother of two. It is a magnificent journey ever which I am so thankful that Allah has granted me with the strength and patience to go through this stage satisfactorily. 

Welcome to the world, son! =)

  • I have gained more knowledge about breastfeeding; 

Talking about breastfeeding for me is a very essential and sensitive topic. My first son was breastfed until his 18 months of age and sadly preferred formula milk over frozen EBM when I started working when he was 9 months old. Since I was not working at that time, I have not tried to feed him with bottle at his early age and that was the main point of my breastfeeding lesson. 

#BFLesson1 - Start bottle feeding at the early weeks of birth

Since I only have two months of maternity leave, I have struggled to train my second baby with bottle feeding and even bought a few teats to suit his preference. It was depressing looking at your baby reluctantly sucked the milk from the bottle in which at the end of the day I will surrender and fed him directly. I was totally wrong!

#BFLesson2 - Be firm with your decision to bottle feeding

I am not saying bottle feeding is better than direct feeding but for working moms, yes it is a better approach of feeding. How to train your baby if you are a freshie Mama like me? Even though I have two kids but the way my first and second baby are fed is totally different. From my point of view, the most important thing is for the mother to be firm and strong enough to accept the fact that 24/7 direct feeding is valid only during confinement period. How about to convince a person who is not that tough to handle separation from her baby like me?

#BFLesson3 - Support me, please?

The support given by your spouse and family members is what you need. From my experience, my baby will refuse to drink from the bottle when I am the one who feeds him. Yes, the smell of the mother is way irresistible than the milk, I guess haha! So, here comes Darling Hubby into the picture. Husband, parents, siblings, in laws, relatives, friends or even community members have their roles to play in providing moral support. We, the mothers are very emotional especially during confinement period *serious tone inserted*. Even by hearing people talking about the way your baby is behaving sometimes might taken it to your heart. Thus, please lend a hand to feed the baby with bottle as this will help to train the baby with bottle feeding and also to get used to the smell of others during feeding time.

#BFLesson4 - Pump it, pump it!

Please, empty your breasts as often as you can. The reason is to ensure the milk supply is enough for your baby. If you feel that you have done pumping but the milk does not flow as you wish, try to monitor your meals intake. Drink more water, it helps. But the unforgettable part is of course, your Dua as a mother =)

#BFLesson5 - Seek for Allah's mercy in your Dua  

  • I have learned that health is a no-kidding issue;

My little hero was diagnosed with jaundice at day 3 of his life. But this time, the bilirubin level was inconsistent and higher than his brother's reading. Some of the doctors at Klinik Kesihatan did not take this issue seriously. At day 7, the reading went up from 11 to 16. But I was only advised by Doctor1 to continue breast feeding as usual and to wake the baby up for feeding every hour. The next day, when Doctor2 checked on my baby, she immediately wrote a letter to the General Hospital for my baby to get phototheraphy treatment. I was shocked as yesterday when the level was at 16, no letter was issued by Doctor1. I even get scolded by Doctor2 for not being concerned of my baby's health. Oh now the blame was on me, screw you Doctor1!

#HealthLesson1 - Always seek for second opinion on your baby's health

I was lucky to get a 5 days of massage. It helped me a lot in gaining my strength back after delivering my baby. Due to the jaundice issue, I had to go to the clinic almost everyday where at the same time I had to minimize walking due to the stitches. It was painful especially when I tried to move a bit fast. I had a bad experience with my first time delivering and did not pay much attention on getting a proper massage. But now I realize the importance of it and to be exact; to get an expert maternity masseur. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get one and it helped me to run a few errands with three kids at a time. Seriously, being fit should be the first thing in your post-natal checklist.

#HealthLesson2 - Physical fitness, checked!

Meet my munchkins from left; Ilyas Hidayat - Iman Rania - Ikmal Hakimi

As for an O+ blood type Mama, the tendency for my baby to get jaundice is very prominent, I knew it but I did not know it might also caused by the umbilical cord's infection. How did it happen? Ocay, remember when you were asked to clean the umbilical cord with the antiseptic liquid? I have been using it each time during nappy change without failed. I will make sure that the area was dry to avoid any infections. Still a very poor improvement of my son's bilirubin level after 14 days. Why, why and why? Finally I got the answer from Doctor3. She claimed that although the area was kept dry at the first place, the cleanliness of the skin should be closely monitored as well. She taught me on how to clean the area correctly by using cotton buds (as the picture below). It does not hurt your baby, do not worry =)

 #HealthLesson3 - Knowing the right way to clean the umbilical area is a must!

Apart from the baby's health, mom's health should be taken care of as well. It happened to me on my 40 days of confinement. Being excited to wear the bengkung on my own, I had mistakenly tied the bengkung and my nerves was badly affected. I was down with fever and urine infection for a week. I took two liter of plain water per day, cranberries juice and barley extract but it did not cure the pain thus I decided to seek for medical advice and the doctor gave me antibiotics and Alhamdulillah it worked for me.

#HealthLesson4 - Wear bengkung with the help of others

  • I have found that losing weight is so demanding!
During my first pregnancy, I could get back to shape easily. But now, to get the body figure that I have always wanted requires a high level of discipline. For me, this is the most challenging part after delivering a baby. Not to mention the stretch mark but the fats could not be hidden anymore. I do not want to cut on my diets as I am still breast feeding my baby and wearing bengkung restricts my movements. What should I do? A few tips which is efficient to be practiced for a lazy me:

  1. Squeeze the lime juice together with kapur sirih and rub the paste on the stomach.
  2. Wear bengkung at night.
  3. Drink 3 liter of plain water daily.
  4. Do sit up exercise early in the morning.
  5. Use the deep heat lotion; Mustajab
  6. Discipline yourself to apply all of the tips. Period.

I have not listed anything for this new year resolution. Let this picture tells everything that I wish for.

Happy New Year!

The end. Thank you! =)

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