Thursday, 21 July 2016

7 Days Love Spouse Challenge

For the past 6 days, I have been posting pictures of Darling Hubby and I (on my Facebook wall) in acceptance of the 7 Days Love Spouse Challenge. In the challenge, I have to post any pictures of us and tag another two friends to do the same. As for someone who rarely post pictures and updates on marriage life; I feel a little bit emotional throughout these 7 days. Not sure how others react to the challenge but these are my reactions in response to the challenge:-

Day #1 - "Aku Terima Nikahnya..."

Darling Hubby was my senior in my Secondary School. Honestly, I only knew him by his name because he was our Sports Team Leader back in 1999. It is normal in school that those athletic boys will attract additional attention from the opposite gender. But that was NOT the selling point. Haha! To cut the story short, we met again virtually on Friendster somewhere in 2009; got engaged on 29 May 2010 and officially married on 26 November 2011. So, when people asked me why am I getting married to someone who I only knew less than a year? There's no definite answer to that question until the solemnization ended with sekali lafaz "Aku terima nikahnya..." by him. Allah tentukan lelaki ini adalah jodohku. 

Day #2 - "Jasa Ibu Bapa Tidak Terbalas, Sokongan Suami Membuah Kejayaan"

I had the thought of pursuing my Master's Degree while I was working in Petaling Jaya. My dad said, "Kalau nak sambung belajar, balik Johor. Biar ayah tanggung kos belajar semua. Nana belajar je sampai habis". I was reluctant at the first place, considering how much money my dad had spent on my studies and I did not want to burden him anymore. But Allah knows best. With the struggles, parents' blessings and continuous support from Darling Hubby; we have finally made it and Ilyas (our first son) was in my womb during my convocation. Beautiful moment indeed!

Day #3 - "Like A Rainbow After The Rain"

Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is very complicated. I told Darling Hubby that LDR is not normal. We are abnormal couple and I want to put an end to this LDR. I used to question myself "Why me? Why us?" Again, there is no answers for my thought and I realize that I shall remove this kind of thought from my mind and try to make any goods out of this LDR. Do you know what is the BEST lesson learnt from LDR? It is COMMUNICATION. Allow me to share some information on this:-

  • Always find a time to speak to your partner EVERYDAY. Be it in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night; make sure you call your partner EVERYDAY. Why? In LDR, physical presence is impossible but you can replace it with your voice. By hearing your partner's voice, it will make you feel at ease and it is some sort of reliever for me. I know whether he is ill, happy, mad etc. by hearing his voice.
  • Do not hide anything from your partner even though he is far apart, always remember that we have this "instinct" in our relationship. For a few times, I had tried not to tell everything that happened to me during the day (I thought it was nothing) but the day after; without realizing I had accidentally summarized what had happened yesterday. Haha! 
  • Avoid third parties' involvement in any conflicts between you and your partner. Regardless any issues; if you think that somehow it has an impact to your marriage, please do not disclose anything until you and your partner have discussed on the issues at the first place. Your marriage is your own responsibility.
  • Ask Allah for His Guidance when you are in doubt; that is the BEST approach of all.
Day #4 - "The More The Merrier"

It took us a while to plan for our second child because I was afraid that my eldest son will not be happy or satisfied with the arrival of his new sibling. I was terrified knowing that children with lack of love and attention will become rebellious and everything that concerns me was actually came from my perspective and not from my son's perspective. Once again, Allah is the BEST planner. My second son was born right after Ilyas reached his 2 years of age. Honestly, I did not know that 3 years' interval for each child is advisable (could not remember where I read the article). For what I know, I am now enjoying myself as a mother of two amazing heroes and a wife to my superhero.

Day #5 - "Time Together"

Our very first short trip to Desaru Beach before Ramadhan this year with our little family; it was amazing! In LDR, time is extremely precious to us and we will optimize the time by having as many activities as we can for the purpose of togetherness. The more we spent our time together, the more we feel loved and believe it or not; LDR encourages more excitement in our marriage!

Day #6 - "Our Remarkable Syawal"

We celebrated First Syawal this year with our little family; Darling Hubby, sons and I. It was awkward especially for me who always celebrate Syawal with everybody (big family) around me. Only this year I got a strange feeling as my parents were back to my mom's hometown in Penang and I was in Johor Bahru celebrating Syawal with my in laws. It was a wonderful experience anyway and I have learned that quantity is not a contributor to a meaningful moments; but quality is. I enjoyed every moments of Syawal with everyone! Thanks, my dear Darling Hubby for ensuring that I am not overwhelmed with the thought that I was alone. 

Day #7 - "I Love You"

Finally, today is the last day of the challenge and I am glad that I am ON this challenge. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has directly or indirectly involved in spreading the love around. We need more love in this world and to those who might feel offended or annoyed by my posts; please forgive me as my intention is only to freshen up the moments between me and my spouse so that we will appreciate one another even more.

Last but not least, never stop loving everyone! Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin!

The end. Thank you! =)

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