Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Is Life A Fairy Tale?

My Mini Library of Fairy Tales

Rapunzel is on show! Yesterday I asked my sister to accompany me watching Rapunzel but she refused, she wanted to watch that hantu-apa-entah movie. I could not watch horror movies, coz later I would not have the guts to stay asleep at night. Therefore, I love fairy tales kind of story. Maybe it sounds childish or immature, but honestly said, life starts when we start dreaming. So, life starts with fairy tales! (?)

" And so the prince and princess found true love, and lived happily ever after "

Yes, it sounds cliché to have those words at the ending of the stories but hey that is what fairy tale is all about! A charming prince with a pretty princess who are deeply in love + a villain who is trying to tear them apart + magical fairies with magical powers to break the evil spells. Everything seems so perfect in fairy tales. But does life look like a fairy tale? As for me, life is NOT a fairy tale. Life is so REAL. In fairy tales, both prince and princess fell in love at first sight + get married + lived happily ever after. But not in our real life. In REAL life, we have got the chance to experience puppy love at least once in our lifetime before we get married. Do fairy tales have puppy love? No! In REAL life, we might be suffering from broken marriage. Do fairy tales have divorce cases in it? No! In REAL life, couples argue due to financial instability. Does economic crisis occur in fairy tales? No! But fairy tales remind me of what true love means.

I still remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to marry a guy PRINCE charming! And of course the guy PRINCE has to be good looking + rich, super duper rich + kind-hearted + gentleman and so onnn... But as time goes by, none of the guys that I have met fit all of the criteria of my PRINCE charming. Why can not I find a PRINCE guy with each criteria? Does he exist in this REAL world actually? As I think about it, in REAL life, nobody is perfect, so do I. And life is NOT exactly like a fairy tale. But there is one thing that is REAL about fairy tales. Fairy tales taught me that true love exists! The existence of true love does not involve a prince charming and a beautiful princess only, true love is for everyone! As in my case, true love involves ME & HIM. =) In my REAL life, I do not have to be a princess to fall in love with my prince charming. I just have to be MYSELF and be thankful to Allah for giving me the chance to love and to be loved by HIM in this REAL life. 

Thank you for being my true love, sayang!

True love doesn't come twice! 

The end. Thank you! =)

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